4 EASY steps to living a more natural lifestyle!

In February we made our first YouTube video! It was a lot of fun & we got a lot of positive feed back so we are expanding our horizons & we decided that we want to give everyone a written form of information too.

Our first video was about living a more natural lifestyle. We have been working on detoxifying our lives for a few years now & we always get asked, “This is all so overwhelming, where did you start??”. So we decided to let everyone have a little preview in to our journeys with 4 EASY steps to make everything a lot less stressful.

We took the 4 main product types we use or consume on a daily basis & cleaned them up. So now, everything we use frequently, no longer causes hormonal issues or is filled with cancer causing agents. Which are 2 HUGE health problems in the modern world. Estrogen dominance (from estrogen mimicking chemicals) causes a TON of auto immune disorders & we all know how devastating cancer is to not only the person that has it but their entire family.

Without further ado, ready for this? Let’s do it!


You are what you eat.

The first thing we did is the most important step. Cleaning up your diet! When you are conscious of what you put in to your body it really does have a positive impact on your health. Our cells are created from the food we put in to our bodies so that means there is a lot of truth in the saying “you are what you eat”!

When we first started reading labels, we were completely shocked at some of the ingredients we found in foods we consumed regularly. Lots of estrogen mimickers & carcenagens, all wrapped up nicely in BPA filled packaging. YAY -_- Genetically modified organisms, refined & processed sugars, artificial flavors & colors, & we even found out some of the chemicals used in our beloved cereals were also used in paint thinner! (Trisodium Phosphate or TSP.) Great! We fed these to our precious babies ):

Begrudgingly, we went through our cabinets & actually started reading what was in our food & looking up the ingredients online. We were completely disgusted at the amount of fake, chemically processed ingredients that were in things we put in to our bodies on a daily basis!

We are both stay at home moms running on 1 income a piece so we didn’t have the means to be throwing food away. Instead we looked through all our food & we made 2 separate mental categories.

-Things we can DEFINITELY throw away


-Things we are going to finish but look for a cleaner option when it’s all used up.

Some things in the throw away immediately pile were cheap, extremely processed foods. Ramen noodles (Full of MSG), our baking soda (It had aluminum in it), artificial sweeteners like Splenda (derived from corn syrup) & random boxed sweets like honey buns & cosmic brownies. (SO GOOD BUT OH SOOO BAD)

Things that we’re in the “Ew but we’re not going to be wasteful” pile included, frozen microwave meals, cereal, random crackers & empty filler snacks like gold fish & chips, & boxed meals like mac & cheese, hamburger helper & rice-a-roni.

We made a promise to ourselves & our families that we would replace these foods with whole foods derived from plants. (Plain old fruits & veggies!) We would take it slow but we would stop buying the over processed, convenient foods & look for better options, because to us, our families health is well worth the extra effort.

Slowly but surely, we became label reading professionals! We traded our cereals & snack foods for whole foods & our toddlers soon forgot those processed foods even existed.

#2) Cleaning up our medicine cabinets.

The next thing we did to clean up our lives was detoxifying our medicine cabinets! You’re probably thinking, “Wait! WHY were they using medicinal products on a daily basis?” Because we were that unhealthy! Rarely did either of us go a day without reaching for our pharmascutical bandaids for minor ailments as small as heartburn rather than fixing our problems with diet or using natural alternatives. (We didn’t even know it was possible to use something else at the time!) You may not be aware of this but ALL pharmaceuticals have side effects. Yes, even Tylenol! Any over the counter medication you buy is laden with chemicals & have very dangerous ingredients lurking in the brightly colored packages promising to heal all of your issues. We traded our pHARMa for natural, plant based medicine & never turned back!

Before we threw anything away, we looked for natural alternatives. Which is what we’re doing our next video on so I’m going to make this section a little shorter so we can elaborate on that through the video & possibly another blog post. Neither of us have had any pharmaceuticals in our houses for YEARS & look at us! We’re alive & well, imagine that! (;

#3) Getting rid of chemically filled body/hair products.

Since we detoxified our diets & medicine cabinets, we also started questioning our body & hair products. It takes roughly 26 seconds for ANYTHING that touches your skin to be absorbed in to your blood stream. We downloaded this cool app called “ThinkDirty” (Think Dirty – Learn Beauty Ingredients, Shop Clean by Think Dirty Inc.
https://appsto.re/us/hYx9O.i) that showed us exactly what was in our products in user-friendly terms. Which means you don’t have to be a scientist to figure out that your shampoo is causing your infertility issues. Shocking right?? We were shocked too! So we did better. We used up all of our cancer causing, hormonal disrupting body & hair products & bought better products next time. This app is really helpful because you can scan your items before you even put them in your cart. It easily takes the guess work out so you don’t end up buying products that aren’t safe for your family.

#4) Cleaning up those cleaning products.

The last thing we looked at was our cleaning products. Both of us are a little OCD when it comes to cleaning. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a clean house, am I right? Little did we know our houses were NOT clean, they looked clean! They looked very clean. But just below the surface there were nasty chemicals all over the surfaces our families come in contact with. So again, we do better. We used up all of our nasty cleaning supplies & looked for better alternatives. We’re going to do a video on this too so I’m going to keep this short but we switched everything we had for a few AMAZING products. Dr. Bronners hemp soap is one of them, so versatile & it works so well! One bottle is alternatively used for many different types of cleaning products & it is 100% safe for babies (if you don’t get the peppermint or eucalyptus scents), contains absolutely no chemicals & its highly concentrated so it lasts a long time. Yay! We also really love Norwex products! So I’ll give you those 2 suggestions for now & promise to elaborate more on this soon.

Lets re-cap!

#1) Clean up our diets.

#2) Detoxifying our medicine cabinets.

#3) Riding our lives of chemically based hair & body products.


#4) Cleaning up our cleaning products.

Thank you for reading! Post any questions or comments you have below in the comments section & we will check back to answer any questions you guys have about any of this!

Here is the link to the video if you’re interested in watching that:
How to Live a More Natural Lifestyle || 4 EASY steps!

Much love & Graditude ❤️❤️

Keelie & Brittani



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